ARCHIVE du patrimoine immatériel de NAVARRE

Titre Annéesort descending Les auteurs Magazine
The Review of the Theories of Intangible Heritage with Its Paradigm Shift - The Value of Intangible Heritage that Does Not Take a Physical Form - 2017 Heejoo, Kim Korean Journal of Intangible Heritage
Archive and resources of Arirang 2017 Taek, Jeong Woo, Han, Jineel Journal of Bangyo Language and Literature
Intangible Cultural Heritage and New Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities for Cultural Preservation and Development 2017 Alivizatou-Barakou, Marilena, Kitsikidis, Alexandros, Tsalakanidou, Filareti, Dimitropoulos, Kosmas, Giannis, Chantas Mixed Reality and Gamification for Cultural Heritage
Management Maintenance Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage through Public Private Partnership for The Purpose of Sustainable Tourism Destination 2017 Heldi
Review of Minority Traditional Sports in Xinjiang 2017 Hou Yanchao
Status of Religious Rituals Registered with UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Task of Inscribing Yeon Deung Hoe on the List 2017 Lee, JaeSoo Journal of The Pure Land Buddhism Studies
Cuentos populares con protagonistas activas: La cara más desconocida de la tradición 2017 Oriol Carazo, Carme Mujeres de palabra: género y narración oral en voz femenina
A trustworthy multimedia participatory platform for cultural heritage management in smart city environments 2017 Koukopoulos, Zois, Koukopoulos, Dimitrios, Jung, Jason J. Multimedia Tools and Applications
Intangible cultural heritage and sustainable development: case study of Suiti cultural space in Latvia 2017 Vaivade, Anita, Schreiber, Hanna Intangible Cultural Heritage: Safeguarding Experiences in Central and Eastern European Countries and China. The 10th Anniversary of the Entry into Force of the 2003 Convention through the Prism of Sustainable Development.
Ritual dances from Huelva: a series of sculptures by Martin Lagares 2017 Carrasco Terriza, Manuel Jesús Laboratorio de Arte