ARCHIVE du patrimoine immatériel de NAVARRE

Titre Annéesort descending Les auteurs Magazine
A Study on the Preservation of Gyeongsanjain Dano Festival 2017 Chang-Un, Lee
Research on the Inheritance and Foreign Translation of Zhuanghe Folk Tales 2017 Journal of China Studies
Textile Bioengineering and Informatics Symposium Proceedings 2017 - 10th Textile Bioengineering and Informatics Symposium, TBIS 2017 2017 VV AA Text. Bioeng. Informatics Symp. Proc. - Textile Bioeng. Informatics Symp., TBIS
Proceedings - 2017 International Conference on Robots and Intelligent System, ICRIS 2017 2017 Proc. - Int. Conf. Robots Intell. Syst., ICRIS
Research on Chinese Cultural Industry Policy and Legal System 2017 Han-ki, Son The Legal Studies Institute of Chosun University
The cultural game of a noble life - (re) presenting historical manors Gatchina and Schloss Fall in comparative perspective 2017 Kraikovski, Alexei, Shukurova, Aisulu Journal of Tourism History
'They call 'im Crowie': an investigation of the Aboriginal significance attributed to a wrecked River Murray barge in South Australia 2017 Roberts, Amy, van Duivenvoorde, Wendy, Morrison, Michael, Moffat, Ian, Burke, Heather, Kowlessar, Jarrad, Naumann, John, Murray, River, Mallee Aboriginal Corp International Journal of Nautical Archaeology
A Study on History and Vocabulary of Hawk and Hawks Hunting 2017 Lee, Bong-Il Literary Criticism
Patrimonio y resiliencia 2017 Romero Moragas, Carlos PH: Boletín del Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico
Preservation of the cultural heritage of the armenians in diaspora: The role of the church in preserving the cultural heritage: The example of the armenians in Rome, Italy 2017 Vladimirova, N., Badichah, R. Digit. Present. Preserv. Cult. Sci. Herit.