Ortzadar and The Atlas of the dance of Navarre

The Atlas of the dance of Navarre comes from the agreement that Ortzadar Society has with the dance ethnography research, and it consists in systematic recording and monitoring of traditional dances in Navarre, with the goal to help in its categorization, advertising, valuation, transmission and revitalization.

The Folklore Conferences about Immaterial Heritage of Navarre (Ortzadar, 2002) supposed the first contact with this new concept, and the project “The Atlas of the Dance of Navarre”, showed here, was already in progress in 2008. The Atlas belongs to other more ambitious project, called “Observatory of the traditional Dance of Navarre” or “Behatokia” (Observatory in Basque), whose its fundamental goal is the periodic monitoring of the choreographic manifestations, in order to register and identify the evolution and problems for its conservation.

The objectives of the Atlas are:

* Inventory and identification of the choreographic manifestations. A large bibliographic and documentary research has been realised, and it will be continued with this purpose.

* The study and dissemination of the traditional dance. The Atlas hopes to be a useful space, as much for Dance scholar and specifically for people who teach it, as for general public who could approach with several purposes.

* Cooperation and involvement. Ortzadar starts up this Atlas as an open Project, where other social agents close to the dance environment could join (particulars, groups or institutions), without whose contribution, it will not be possible set up and support this important Documentation Centre. The collaboration with Archives of the immaterial heritage of Navarre, located in the Public University of Navarre, is a sign of this desire to cooperation, as the same time as survival and potentiality guarantee.