About Us

NAFARROAKO DANTZEN ATLASA, is an initiative promoted by ORTZADAR and one of its objectives around the study, the research and the revelation of the traditional culture and folklore. These immaterial heritage´s elements come from the population, and for that reason, the Atlas pretends to give this transmitted knowledge, sometimes lost or forgiven, back to the people. This way, Ortzadar wants a collaborative divulgation platform, where people and entities can participate to build it. So, who are we? All people who want to participate in this project.

ORTZADAR is a cultural group created in Iruña in 1974, whose foundational objective is the study, the research and the divulgation of the traditional Basque culture. To do that, Ortzadar does investigation work (field of study and documentary research), organises conferences (Folklore´s Conferences), writes and publish books, organizing courses, etc. The divulgation is developed by dance and music shows as well as creating spectacles. This Atlas of dance is the last expression of all this objectives in one only project.